lthough long concidered just a legend, the Chikong have finally made their presence known. Legends have always talked of a race of large ape-men who live in the fog-bourne islands somewhere west of the Feralas jungles. Until recently, it was just legend. The Chikong, divided into various tribes, were content to hone their fighting and magical skills warring amongst themselves. However, the threat of the Burning Legion has given them the impetus to resolve their internal conflicts. Gathered together under the control of the great warchief, King Godatho, they have established a port at Auberdine and joined the Alliance in a fight to save all of Azeroth.

Racial Traits
Primal Yell - active
Activate to decrease attack and defend of all opponents within a 25 foot radius - lasts 10 secs - also has a 5% chance to fear one or more of the opponents for the same duration - 5 min cooldown
Protective Frenzy - passive
When grouped with human females the Chikong gets a 25% boost to their base melee attack power
Natural Instincts - passive
Chikong get +10 to Nature Magic
Sure Footed - passive
+10 to trap avoidance and resist to entanglement
Other Information
Start Location: Shrouded Isles
Home City: Skul'gan
Racial Mount: Giant Iguana
Available Classes: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Druid, Warlock, Monk