The F.A.Q.

The Website
What is this site?
These are my personal thoughts and ideas on how to make a MMORPG. I am structuring it similar to actual developer websites, but really it's just me talking.

Are you going to make a game?
Sadly the answer to that is, 'probably not.' I am a programmer, but I'm not a video game developer. I have neither the knowledge, the motivation, or the time to actually develop a game. I just have ideas.

Do you have any graphics/screenshots?
Not really, there may be some in the future. There are a couple reasons why I don't have any. 1. I'm not an artist. 2. Typical screenshots are outside the scope of what I'm doing here. They are too specific, and I'm focusing more on the general. It's possible the need for a screenshot would arise. Infact, I have a couple that might qualify now. I used an image in my Magic Interface, and also in my Combat Interface. However, one of those is a 'borrowed' screenshot..and the other is quite frankly...pathetic. :)

Who comes up with the ideas?
I do. Everything on the page represents my own work. I wrote everything, and unless otherwise noted, I did the artwork. The ideas are my own composition from countless discussions and arguments in various forums. Sometimes the original concept isn't mine, (such as the Battle orb) however, I've taken the concept, adapted it, extended it, and then presented it hear. I recognize that many people have contributed the these ideas. However, if I post it here, I try to make sure it's enough 'mine' that it's not blatant plagerism.
Do you have a partner, can I contribute articles?
Not right now. The general idea is that this is my design and my ideas. Since it's not currently the pre-cursor to an actual implementation, I can get away with only presenting my own personal work. If for some strange reason the site grows in popularity, I would consider opening a 'guest' section where people could submit articles, editorials, and ideas. But, those would remain seperate from my ideas. (This isn't because I think my ideas are better, just that the whole point of this website to collect my own ideas.)
Do you have a backstory, or a history of the world?
There is no world, so there is no story. This is about the mechanics, and the general workings and gameplay. Right now, developing a fiction, and a history is outside of the scope. It's the same as with the graphics, if there is a need to develop some story segment or 'lore' to illustrate a gameplay element, then I'll do that...but don't expect a complete history.

Finally, how can I hire this incredible talent?
I'm always open for offers. Here's a nice little resume to look at. Just drop me a line and we'll see if we can work something out.